We’re waiting for your reservation by telephone. TEL 03-5413-0086We’re waiting for your reservation by telephone. TEL 03-5413-0086

Opening Hour / Lunch 11:00-15:00 Dinner 17:30-24:00

About our dishes

We are serving only course menus both for lunch and dinner. Our menu contents may be different according to the seasons and our buying situations.
We are offering kids plate menu for your children.

About the seats

We cannot receive any reservations for seats and terrace seats.
If the weather permits, you can be seated on terrace seats in order of arrival preferentially from the person who has a reservation.
Private room admits a maximum number of 6 people. 30,000 yen will be added as a private room charge.
We make our restaurant all barrier-free.
Pets are not allowed in our restaurant (except guide dogs).

Main Dinning Table for 2 persons x 7
Table for 4 persons x 1
Table for 6 persons x 1
Private Room Room for 6 persons x 1
Terrace Table for 4 persons x 6

About the reservations

Our lunch time consists of two periods; first part (11:00-13:00) & second part (13:15-15:00)
We receive only one dinner reservation per table for one day, so please enjoy your meal without much concern for time.
Reservation for more than 10 people requires the submission of party contract.
Please download the party contract below, fill out and fax it to our restaurant.

party contract download         FAX番号:03-5413-0085

About the smoking and non-smoking seats

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of our restaurant (including terrace seats).
We apologize in advance for the smoke from neighboring restaurants comes into our restaurant in case.
We will guide you to the nearest smoking space if you like.

A short note from Hal Yamashita

I like to call the sounds of our customers’ voices, of the cooking in progress,
the movement of our staff and the simple yet well-appointed kitchen, “restaurant hum”.
This kind of ‘hum’ is not ordinary ‘noise’, but a soothing sound that makes you feel at ease.
I believe it takes three years after opening for a restaurant to come into its own.
A newly opened restaurant is just clean and nice.
After some trial and error as we watch and learn from your reactions and feedback,
finally the true “hum” of the restaurant starts to occur.
It is this special atmosphere that we endeavour to deliver to you.
The proximity between myself and my staff with our customers is what makes the restaurant come to life.
We hope to provide for you a space and an atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy my cooking and the fine wines.
We look forward to seeing you here at Hal Yamashita Tokyo.
We have several non-Japanese waiters in the case you wish to speak English while you are here. So, come, eat, drink and talk with us!