chef's sprit

chef's sprit

Hello! Welcome to Hal Yamashita's homepage.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of the people who have helped to make my dream come true, opening my new restaurant in Tokyo. This is a wonderful opportunity and I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Restaurants are my life and passion. I love all aspects about restaurants - management, the responsibility of providing an exciting and rewarding environment for my staff, the exciting rush of creating new culinary creations and above all meeting, entertaining, and providing a wonderful dining experience for all of my cherished guests. Opening and establishing my Tokyo restaurant as a new and exciting fine dining experience in Tokyo is so far the highlight of my life. I owe so much to you, as the guests of my new restaurant. I look forward to welcoming you to my new restaurant and providing you with such a memorable and enjoyable dining experience that you will continue to return many times and feel that this is also your own special restaurant.

I was born in Kobe, and grew up in arguably one of its most famous areas - Ashiya.
My interest and outlook on the arts, fashion and entertainment was shaped by living in Kobe, which is historically and widely known as one of the most fashionable and cosmopolitan areas of Japan.

Kobe's history as one of the first Japanese ports which permitted entry to foreigners allowed the development of a long and proud tradition of mixing culinary ideologies and techniques from all around the world. It is within this exciting environment that I have developed my own special fusion style.

At the heart of fine dining is the necessity of working with absolutely the finest of ingredients. I am extremely fortunate and glad to be able to provide to my guests, all of the wonderful flavors of local ingredients from Kobe and its surrounding areas. There is a wide variety of such local ingredients which are shaped by and benefit from the wide range of local conditions from the Rokko mountains which forms the breathtaking backdrop of Kobe to the Setonaikai sea which forms the stunning sea views in front of Kobe. Not only does my new Tokyo restaurant provide the best of the world famous Kobe beef, but I am excited to introduce you to all of the other mouth watering flavors which Kobe has to offer, such as the fantastic meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits from the likes of Awaji island and the Tanba area. Hyogo prefecture, which encompasses Kobe, with its oceans, big mountains and preserved natural surroundings, make it an ideal place for producing natural ingredients. I am very proud and happy to have close ties with so many of the famous producers in Kobe and Hyogo and to be able to introduce the wonderful flavors of their produce to you.

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Tokyo Midtown “HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO” / “NADABAN KOBE MOTOMACHI” Owner & Executive Chef
Born in Kobe in 1969.

In 2003, he opened “NADABAN DINING”, the first restaurant of his own, in Kobe.

“NADABAN DINING” ranked high in its first appearance in ZAGAT SURVEY in 2004, and had kept the top rate in the nationwide internet ranking as long as half a year in the same year.

In March 2007, he opened restaurant “HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO” in central Tokyo area, TOKYO MIDTOWN in Roppongi.
His unique point of view, out-of-the-box recipe, and culinary art which can make the most of natural flavor of the ingredients has grabbed the attention of various quarters around the world.
He named his own style the “Nouvelle Japanese”, and created the new tide.

He became a member of The United Nations World Food Programme in 2008, and has engaged in supportive activities specific to food for little children.
With an eye toward the succession of food culture, he also carries out a lot of dietary education activities.

He participated in the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore in April 2010 as a representative of Japanese Master Chefs, and eventually received the honor of World Best Chef of the event.

For all that high acclaim for his continuous support activities, he was appointed manager of The United Nations World Food Programme.

In July 2010, he offered a collaboration limited menu “HAL YAMASHITA TOKYO X nakata. net café –Hal Yamashita produces with the ingredients which Nakata came across during his travel around the world” to Hidetoshi Nakata’s “nakata. net café” in Harajuku.

He was also invited to the first Japanese event held by worldwide hotel group “The St. Regis Singapore” as the sole guest chef in September 2010. HAL YAMASHITA Cuisine Fair was taken place there, and it was extremely flourishing.

In March 2011, he established “HAL YAMASHITA Everyone’s Drinking Water to the Disaster Area! Fund” after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and started his activity to deriver drinking water to the disaster areas and disaster victims.
In parallel with the relief fund activity, he has been focused on the activities like soup kitchen at the disaster areas and charity events as a manager of “Cuisine Volunteer Club”.

From April 2011, he has been a lecturer of business administration at Kobe University’s graduate school. His wide range of contents including agriculture, future of Japan, management of restaurant and company, and social contribution has been very popular among the students.

He participated in the World Gourmet Summit in Abu Dhabi on February 2012 as a representative of Japanese Master Chefs. This is his second prodigious feat after the World Gourmet Summit Singapore 2010.

In May 2012, he opened a brand-new chef’s family restaurant “TOP TABLES SKYTREE TOWN” in Tokyo Solamachi of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN.

He is attracting remarkable attention from around the world as a “Nouvelle Japanese” chef making the most of life and breathes of ingredients, and is now receiving more and more offers of holding fairs and opening restaurants not only in Japan but also from the whole Asia as one of the few consecutive master chefs.
He is also actively spreading his activities in various areas including not only his restaurants but also disability services volunteer, governmental advisor, lecture activities and so on around the world.